It's Time to Start Paying More Attention to Mental Health

It’s Time to Start Paying More Attention to Mental Health

Have you noticed how mental health has been one of the top headlines in the news over the past year? It’s finally something that we are willing to talk about in public. It’s no longer a deep dark secret. People are speaking and seeking help. It’s a beautiful thing.

Before, people would feel like they are battling things on their own, but now that there is more focus on mental health awareness people are seeing that everyone is fighting a battle of some sorts.

The statistics related to mental health are eye opening. I suggest you check them out here when you have some time. It will really give you an idea of just how serious of an issue this is.

While there have been significant improvements on the topic in general, it can still use some improvement. I wanted to take a minute to quickly blog about the topic and give my opinion on what I think still needs to happen. Let’s keep moving forward and helping those who need it and letting them know that they are not alone.

Schedule an Appointment with a Professional

There are plenty of ways to quickly schedule an appointment with a medial professional. You can do a Google search, or you can use a local website like to make an instant appointment.

The key is to seek out professional help when you need it. It’s important that we encourage not only ourselves, but also friends and family. They need to know that it’s ok to ask for help. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Talking to a professional is a good idea just to be able to vent and get things off your chest. Many people won’t vent fully to those close to them, but a medical professional is a different environment they feel comfortable it, and they let out all of their feelings, which helps a lot.

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Take Time to Talk to Those Close to You

The easiest way to contribute to improving mental health is simply checking in on the people close to you. Even those that might appear to be totally happy. You never know what someone is dealing with, as most will hold it in.

A simple text message, phone call or social media message asking how they have been can open up the talk. Then, if they sound like something is off offer to meet up for lunch. “Hey, want to get together for lunch and catch up?”

You are just getting them in a place where you can talk about everything and from there you can see if you notice anything off. Most times all will be fine, but if you do sense something is wrong see if they want to talk about it.

This is something that a lot of people will appreciate and simply talking it out will talk a lot of weight off their shoulders. It will also let them know that they have a friend they can turn to anytime they need to talk. This is where most problems stem from.

They don’t think they have anyone to talk to and they don’t want to just reach out. Take the initiative into your own hands and check up on those close to you often.

Mental health is a serious matter and if you or someone needs help, please find all of the appropriate resources here.

Hillary is a graduate student at Arizona University and a fan of all things entrepreneurship and business.

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