CBD Oil for Knee Pain

If you are experiencing any pain in any of the joints in your body, CBD oil might be able to help you. An alternative to strong drugs like opiates, you can take CBD oil any time of day or night to help you eliminate pain and have a more productive day or even to help you sleep at night. There are a lot of CBD oils available for knee pain, and you should be able to find a flavor you like and a dosage that works for you.

It took decades, but there is finally a pain relief option on the market that is non-pharmaceutical, and does not have any ill side effects.

What dosage of CBD Oil is best for Joint Pain?

If the primary reason you are considering CBD oil is to relieve joint pain, consider a product after reading the CBD oil reviews. While dosage can vary based on your sex and your body weight, in general a 1mL serving of CBD oil contains 34mg of CBD. In a serving like this you would be ingesting less than 0.3% THC, which means you will not feel high like if you smoked marijuana. This is important because you can consume CBD oil any time of day without worrying about feeling sleepy or stoned, so you can still work productively.

You can adjust your dose as needed. We recommend starting with the standard dose. If you think you need more of less CBD oil to alleviate your knee pain, you can adjust your dose. Do so slowly though, and keep track of how you feel with the dosing change.

CBD Oil Side Effects

The verdict on CBD oil is in – it is a great option for knee and joint pain! CBD oil works by changing the way the pain receptors in your body communicate pain signals to the brain. Any of the products on our site are sure to help you, and in most cases it is just a matter of you choosing between doctor’s prescribed medication, which can often times be harmful, or CBD oil, which has no unpleasant side effects.

Forget the side effects for a second, consider that to get the most pain relief from over the counter medication or prescribed narcotics, you will need to take additional doses every 4-6 hours. With CBD oil, you could take it as little as once or twice a day, and be pain free the rest of your day.

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