The Site Helpers Weighs In On Why Your Website Isn't Attracting Customers

The Site Helpers Weighs In On Why Your Website Isn’t Attracting Customers

Just because you build it, doesn’t guarantee that they will come. A beautiful, responsive website does not guarantee customers.

Of course a great looking website is a huge plus, but what’s the point if no one comes to look at it? On top of that, what’s the point if no one actually spends their money on your business after?

We asked The Site Helpers, a leader in creating intuitive, easy to follow, and professional grade web development courses, why some websites will look amazing, but won’t bring in the business they’re expected to.

You Need to At Least Consult the Pros 

There are little intricacies of building a website that most people see everyday, but do not even realize they’re seeing. A lot of thought and science go into the layout of a website. From navigation, to the way your content is displayed.

Other than this, there are things behind the scenes like metadata, and SEO. These are things that your average Joe just won’t know.

The Site Helpers point out that their classes cover all of these things and will help transform your website, but unless you hire a professional, or take a professional grade class like theirs, there’s just no way you’d be able to incorporate these things perfectly into your website. 

Mobile is Just as Important as Desktop 

Creating a mobile-friendly website is one of the ultimate tips when it comes to developing your website. The Site Helpers believe that mobile design and responsiveness is looked over by way too many businesses. So many of your customers are going to be checking out your website from their phones.

So, if they get on their phone and your website goes haywire, they’re going to just go check out a different website, and form the opinion that your business isn’t even professional enough to have a functioning site. It is harsh, but this is the reality of the modern world. 

You NEED Fresh Content 

This is a big one. Without fresh content there’s no reason for customers to keep coming to your website and seeing all of your new products and services. The Site Helpers suggest adding a simple blog and newsletter system to your website. This way, you can bring customers back with an enticing email and an interesting blog to read. 

Your Ads are Important 

There are two types of ads that you should be using, according to The Site Helpers. First off, Retargeting ads are ads that will show up for customers that only browsed your website but did not purchase anything.

This will be the majority of your website viewers, because most people are only browsing the internet. Retargeting ads help bring those browsers back to your website, and remind them to make a purchase. 

The second type of advertising you absolutely need is PPC (pay per click) advertising. These ads are done by google and through social media, and they are targeted specifically to your customers.

The best part of this type of advertisement is that you’re paying per click. So you only pay when the ads are doing their job. 

You Lack a Call to Action 

Finally, we’ll talk about the Call to Action (CTA). A call to action tells your customers what to do. “Buy this”, “Check out this product”, so on and so forth. CTAs are vital to your website because they guide the page viewers where you want them to go.

You want CTAs on your site, and in all of your advertisements and newsletters. You can do further research to find the best ways to implement Calls to Action in ways that greatly benefit your website. 

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