Equitable Marketing Weighs In: Should You Consider Affiliate Marketing?

Equitable Marketing Weighs In: Should You Consider Affiliate Marketing?

For those that do not know, affiliate marketing involves hiring someone, such as an influencer or content creator, to promote your business or product. Many times affiliate marketing will also pay the contractee a commission for each product sold.

Many businesses have started turning to affiliate marketing as their go-to way to promote their brand and gain customers. Equitable Marketing weighed in with their opinion on why companies have been implementing this strategy so much in the last couple of years and why you should consider affiliate marketing for your business.

Equitable Marketing is a digital marketing and consultation firm that specializes in modern marketing techniques and are experts in developing personalized road maps for businesses to organically grow their customer base. 

General Low Cost and Low Risk 

This is the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing. It is cheap. This is because many affiliates will agree to work on a down payment plus commission. This means you will only pay for what they sell. If your affiliate ends up not selling much product, then there’s very little skin off of your back.

If they end up selling a lot of products, then you just made an amazing investment and saved a ton of money by not investing in traditional methods of advertising. Some affiliates will charge more, but most of the time they will have a large following as well as a huge track record of turning profits for companies that hire them.

Equitable Marketing made sure to emphasize the importance of asking about your affiliate’s history with marketing. If they can show you a history of selling products for other companies, then you know they can do so with your company and that they are worth the price.  


You can invest and much or as little as you’d like with affiliate marketing. There is no need to jump all in and hope for the best.

There are so many ways to start small and work your way up. For example, you could hire one affiliate with a big following to advertise your product once.

On the other hand, you could hire many lesser-known affiliates to advertise your product for a month. Once you know what works and what doesn’t, the steps to take to grow become very obvious. 

A Great Way to Bring in Traffic

The reason affiliate marketing works is because these content creators and influencers have a following that trusts them. They also are advertising directly to a targeted audience. This means you’re reaching the people you want to reach, and are doing so in a semi-organic way.

This is why celebrity advertising has been a go-to method for corporations for decades. It works. Think of affiliate marketing as an affordable version of celebrity endorsements. 

Affiliate Marketing Makes Money 

This is the most important aspect of all, right? We pay for advertising and marketing campaigns in order to get a return on our investment. It doesn’t matter how much money a business makes from an ad campaign if the ad campaign costed more than the profits.

Equitable Marketing pointed out that in their experience, affiliate marketing has one of the best ROIs of any digital marketing technique in the modern world. This is due to its low startup cost, and its almost limitless potential of bringing in customers with the right affiliate. 

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