Can’t Heal Past Trauma? What You Are Missing in Your Trauma Recovery Journey

Trauma often originates in childhood but can go unnoticed and unchecked for decades. Trauma causes a person to feel overwhelmed, frozen, disembodied, anxious, depressed, and easily triggered. The longer trauma remains unprocessed and unintegrated, the more likely it will manifest as addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety, chronic illnesses, and other adverse outcomes. Individuals often fail to identify the origin of their symptoms. The confusion this brings leaves them feeling hopeless and futile as they struggle to find solutions. 

The entirety of trauma’s impact can range from mild short-term depression to a life-changing, unending battle with PTSD. The ACE Study shows that preventing childhood trauma could reduce the number of adults with depression by as much as 44%. Often, people don’t even realize the root cause of this devastation is trauma. It doesn’t have to destroy your life, however. You have the power to reach out for help. 

A well-known, impactful somatic awakening coach, Zahara Jade says that countless people seek support to heal trauma. Her mission is not only to help them recover but to use the trauma as a catalyst for that person’s awakening. She’s dedicated to reducing the time it takes to help heal from years or decades to a matter of months. That’s why she’s developed her proprietary technique that has helped hundreds of clients heal lifetimes of trauma and has even brought someone from the brink of suicide to fully recovered in six months. 

Zahara’s Coaching Approach

Zahara takes clients on an immersive mind, body, and soul journey to unearth and release trauma. Zahara’s mission is to support people to release the burden of the past so they can fully step into the present. She helps clients learn to trust themselves and cultivate a connection with their inner wisdom. Through that process, rewrite maladaptive patterns, learn to feel safe and trust their body, regulate their nervous system, and rewire neural pathways; the foundation to more profound healing work.

Trauma as Portal for Transformation

It is well known by everyone that stress is a part of their life. Work can go from manageable to difficult to overwhelming, and then one day, it becomes unbearable. Family life is flowing, then slowly it’s draining, but now you find yourself needing to escape any chance you get. Perhaps it’s time to seek a solution when you find yourself struggling, suffering, and unable to cope. The hardest thing to do is consider that your external experience reflects your internal experience because if you took a look inside, you’d have to admit you’re in pain. For the longest time, you have been in pain. Yet you shove it away into dusty old compartments, hoping to never deal with it again. 

Things like this happen, and it’s natural, but it doesn’t need to be your constant. We’ve found When doing research on Zahara, we’ve found that as clients move deeper into her process, they build a foundation of well-being. None of this happens without commitment and work from the client. But the rewards are tremendous; radical shifts in their mood, mind, body, and thought processes. Her method provides clients with the ability to begin to live life from a deeply authentic, aligned, and content, perhaps for the first time.

Along the way, clients gain self-trust and self-confidence. One of the best parts is that they learn how to harness their inner healer and begin to heal themselves! Trauma coaching drives transformation and supports clients with the resources they need to take actionable steps towards change. Clients that work with Zahara can recover from trauma. That means they will heal other aspects of their lives caused by the traumatic experiences; addictions, dysfunctional behavioral patterns, unhealthy relationships, chronic illness, and chronic pain flare-ups. As a result, they gain lasting changes in mindset, physical health, and spiritual well-being.

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