What’s on the Other Side of the Double Blind?

We are inundated with breaking news about the double-blind clinical trials and vaccine tests against the coronavirus today. So much has been said about the research, litigation, and regulation of such vaccines. But it all started with human testing to identify and evaluate DNA samples. We’ve come so far with scientific advancements, especially with natural and human genetics. From searching for our ancestry to finding cell mutation in the case of genetic diseases, DNA tests help us find answers to those questions.

But here’s a twist, DNA testing has its pros and cons. You might want to think twice about sharing your DNA warns Sara Winokur, a Ph.D. molecular geneticist, researcher, and author of DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders. In the twenty-five years, she’s written several research articles published in scientific journals like Human Molecular Genetics, Cell Stem, and Nature Genetics. With her new book, Sara explores her passion for writing crime fiction while informing and entertaining her readers about the area of her expertise.

When you start reading the DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders you may not know what to expect. Yet, you’ll be mesmerized and drawn into the life of Sara’s characters set in the breathtaking fjords of North Iceland. Considering that Iceland has a national DNA database, it’s no wonder why Sara chose this as the location for her story involving DNA and the disappearance of a young boy.

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders is a mystery-thriller about the lead character, Brynja Pálsdóttir, who is a forensic geneticist. She helps solve crimes by using the national DNA database and is dating the Prime Minister of Iceland. You will soon realize the guilt Brynja harbors because she still feels responsible for her younger brother’s sudden disappearance two decades earlier. Then, out of nowhere, a mysterious poem, drawn from a medieval manuscript carrying clues about his whereabouts lands on her desk. Is he alive or is he…? 

More poems arrive, but a trail of troubles follow. Every poem comes with a deadly consequence. Brynja is determined to find her brother as she fights visual auras that can jeopardize her employment and personal life. This starts a chain of events leading to discoveries that will shake the frail roots of her family tree. The deep dark findings will help her find herself, lead her to answers about who she can become, and in the process, change her life forever.

Soon the risks get higher, to a point where Brynja becomes the target. She must summon all her strength to plot the twisted course of the poet’s mind and confront those dark secrets that unearth her family’s past. The fast-paced novel will keep you guessing through every flip of the page that uncovers a murder mystery.

If you want to see how Sara weaves her knowledge of genetics into an intricate murder mystery, get ready to be thrilled. Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders is a perfect product of Sara’s professional experience, her love for Iceland’s rich culture, and storytelling. Get your copy today!

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