How to Select A Mother Plant?

Mother plants are a blessing in disguise for marijuana plant cultivators as it offers many benefits that are unmatched when compared to male plants. With the understanding of feminized seeds, there has been a rise in female marijuana plants. With feminized seeds, you can get reliable growth all year round. Mother plants have high THC content, which helps users to get high. Also, they come with many medicinal and recreational benefits, which make it so popular among cultivators.

Choosing the right plant can prove challenging. To ensure you have selected the right plant, below, we have some tips which will guide you and help you achieve the best results.

Once the plants have started to flower, it is easy to ascertain whether the plant is male or female. Many characteristics are to be determined so that you can distinguish between the two. The qualities which mother plants have are few and should be noticed cautiously to pick out the most potent mother plants.


Vigor is something which mother plants should consist of distinguishing it from the male plant. Mother plants should be healthy so that they can provide yield for many years. It is essential to pick out mother plants that are robust and look strong enough to have a firm stem to support. If you keep an eye on your plants during the vegetative process, you will select the right mother plants when the time is right. Only healthy mother plants can offer yield for numerous years with high THC content.


Many growers worldwide have several measures for deciding on the appearance of the mother plants. The physical traits in a cannabis plant say a lot about gender. Growers who are growing indoors favor smaller sized mother plants as they are easy to manage. Outdoor growers look for big Sativa leaves that have high THC content.

Apart from these, many other qualities define the mother plants from the rest. Other traits like intermodal spacing also play a very vital role in choosing the mother plants. If you are confused and looking for an in-depth study, refer to the Australian marijuana seeds guide for the best results.


The aroma is one very prominent characteristic of mother cannabis plants that distinguish it from the rest. Mother plants have various strains that can be discovered during the harvesting process. Mother plants have a unique aroma that growers can sense with years of experience. Many growers look for mother plants with a mild and pleasing aroma, whereas others look for mother plants that are odorless. Finally, it all comes down to the requirements of individuals and growers worldwide.

Resistance Capability:

Mother plants have resistance capability against insects and fungi, enabling them to develop robust characteristics that provide a yield for many years. Insects and fungi cause immense effects on the growing process of marijuana leaves. If there is a mother plant, it would be able to resist the insect’s trying to harm the plant and, at the same time, combat fungi.

The mother cannabis plants have become very popular due to the benefits it possesses that have helped provide a medicinal advantage.

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