Click Clone Cash NFT projects 2022

Click Clone Cash Shares Incredible NFT Projects To Watch This Year

New projects are being created every single month, let alone in a year. It can be difficult to parse the good from the bad with so many projects out there. 

It’s important not to just hop onto every project without doing your due diligence and research, but sometimes it takes an extremely keen eye to tell good and bad projects apart. In order to help us pick out the best NFT projects of this year, we talked with Click Clone Cash. 

Click Clone Cash is a team of NFT experts who offer project reviews and are constantly the best source for news and analytics in the NFT marketplace. With their reputation, there was no better source for us than Click Clone Cash, so let’s see which projects they’re watching this year. 


Horse racing is one of the most popular pastimes of gamblers all over the US. Silks is a project that looks to take advantage of the popularity and history of horse racing. Silks is not a typical NFT project because it’s not just a collection of NFTs. 

Silks is an entire Metaverse where users can purchase horses, house those horses, and trade their horses and plots with other users. The best part is that each horse has a real-world counterpart, which means the horse’s value can go up or down based on its real-world counterpart’s performance. 

Click Clone Cash is watching this project because it is incredibly unique and may offer some of the most valuable NFTs. Think about what will happen when a horse that performs exceptionally well retires. The minted Silks horse will likely skyrocket. The possibilities are endless. 


Many NFT artists and collectors agree upon VeeFriends to be one of the best NFT projects of the year. It is one of the most widely anticipated projects created by marketing expert, GaryVee. 

GaryVee has a huge social media following, and this project serves two purposes. Not only is the artwork nice and akin to trading cards in rarity and intrigue, but they can also be used as tickets to an exclusive conference. 

Click Clone Cash says that NFTs with multiple purposes are usually the most well-performing projects. 

Satoshi Runners

Here is another extremely unique NFT project. Click Clone Cash described Satoshi Runners as Crypto Punks with a twist. Satoshi Runners is a project that has incredible retro art in a cyberpunk style, which will already interest many NFT collectors. 

Where Satoshi Runners shines, though, is in its breeding and staking program. This will let owners generate value just from holding these NFTs. Click Clone Cash equates it to holding an ETF and receiving dividends for holding. 

This and the breeding program, which can generate new NFTs from holding two or more, are two huge incentives to get into this project as soon as possible. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online game that relies on blockchain and NFT technology. Click Clone Cash tells us that this game is a lot like the popular video game, Pokemon. Instead of Pokemon, players collect Axies which are minted on the Blockchain. 

Each Axie has its own unique traits and looks and can be used to battle other players and various other games. This is one of the first projects of its type, so it is so exciting to see. We expect to see more similar projects, but this will always be the original, so experts are watching to see how it performs. 

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