Lead Generation With Mint Global Marketing

Mint Global Marketing: How Proper Marketing Can Create Consistent Lead Generation

Mint Global Marketing is one of the most renowned professional digital marketing agencies online today. They’ve helped countless businesses revamp their marketing strategy and propel themselves to the next level of profitability. 

Mint Global Marketing is highly skilled in lead generation, conversions, and every other aspect of online advertising, which is why I tried so hard to get an interview with them. They agreed to this interview, and now I am happy to share it with you! 

So sit back, and let’s see what Mint Global Marketing had to say about how marketing can affect lead generation in a business. 

Where is the best place to market when trying to generate leads? 

Mint Global Marketing has this strategy when working with a new business. We will first take a look at all of your social media accounts. 

We’ll take a look at how you use them and, most importantly, how you don’t use them. Social media is where you build leads nowadays, plain and simple. Email lists calls are just not as effective in the modern age we live in. 

Mint Global Marketing uses social media for lead generation.

So how do you use social media then in order to generate leads? 

Social media platforms are mostly about making posts, right? Well, there you go. A post is a call to action in a way. 

You’re getting people to look at your post and giving them a call-to-action. On Instagram, for example, you post some kind of image or video that will grab peoples’ attention, then you say “Swipe up!” and you know what people will do? They’ll swipe up! 

How does your team at Mint Global Marketing feel about buying leads? That money goes to advertising anyway; why not just guarantee the leads by buying them?

So buying leads is a strategy as old as time, right, but there’s always been the same problem with it. The leads you get when you buy them are just names out of a hat. 

They have no idea who you are; they’re not interested in your product. Out of 100 leads, 20 might listen to you, and 5 of them may convert. The only reason this strategy ever worked is that we had nothing better. Now we do, so money can be spent much better in other places. 

So there are levels to leads? Some are better than others, right? 

Yeah absolutely. If you get a lead from someone swiping up for a deal on your product, you know that person likes your product and wants the deal. If you can grab their email, name, and information, then now you know they like your product so much that they’re willing to give you their information. 

You can stack even more value onto that lead if you give them some sort of referral. Now you know they like your product, and whomever they reference is probably interested because their friend gave them a referral code. 

Are there any tools that marketers should know about for lead generation?

There are tools and pieces of software for just about anything you need. Mint Global Marketing has used, tested, and even created so many templates for things like CTAs and Sales Funnel. 

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel most of the time. There are also a lot of software tools that you can find that will make generating leads much easier on your website.

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