How to Overcome Language Barriers When Dating

How to Overcome Language Barriers When Dating

Dating is hard enough, but imagine how hard it is when two people from different countries meet and there is a spark? Now there is a language barrier that just adds to the mix. While some may not ever entertain attempting to communicate with someone whom speak a different language, many embrace it.

While very challenging, it can also be rewarding and exciting at the same time. Learning about other cultures and getting to know someone while also learning a new language can make it very interesting and cause you to pay a lot more attention that you might normally under different circumstances.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions to help you in the event that you meet someone special with a slight language barrier. Take my advice, you don’t want to let a new language get in the way of love.

Text and Emojis

Text messages are the most popular way of communication these days. Then, add in the fact that emojis are an actual form of communication, and you have a universal communication language.

Two people might speak and understand two totally different languages, but they are able to communicate via emojis being text back and forth. They are the universal language and it’s often the way people who do not understand each other’s native language will communicate at first.

I mean, who doesn’t understand what every emoji face means? Often times no other explanation is needed. A smiley face or a LOL face will do the trick just fine. They are great ice breakers no doubt and can make both people feel comfortable.

using emojis to communicate

Use Translation Services to Help You Learn

If the relationship is long distance and there isn’t a lot of face to face speaking, then you might talk via email and translate the messages and then reply based on that translation, and then the other person will then translate your message.

While time consuming it’s a great way to communicate and learn at the same time.

Now, if you speak English and the person you met is from France, then you could simply use a French translation service to convert email messages. While a bit untraditional, seeing it translated will help you not only understand the message, but you will also begin to slowly learn the language.

Picking up on the same words or phrases multiple times is the best way to learn. It takes a lot of repetition to learn a new language, and this allows you to learn while you also learn more about the other person.

Spend Time Together Talking

This is really the most effective way to not only get to know someone, but also learn a new language. Reading and writing is one thing, but hearing the words, seeing the expressions and doing this all in front of each other is the best way.

Little things like pronunciation and tone are important. These are things you learn by talking and teaching each other. The language can be a big gap, but it’s also something that can bring two different people very close.

When out to eat, simply speaking and saying foods, for example, is an easy way to learn. Over time the relationship grows stronger and the language barrier becomes smaller.

Hillary is a graduate student at Arizona University and a fan of all things entrepreneurship and business.

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