How Faisal “Vice” Wardak’s Team From Purgion INC Grew To Become The Strongest In Music Marketing

To get the most out of your promotion efforts in this dynamic marketing world, you have to have a proper plan in place. This article takes you through Vice Wardak’s Pilgrimage of how he emerged victorious in disrupting the Social Media, Music, Tech, and Entertainment industry and become a marketing force. 

Faisal “Vice” Wardak is the founder and CEO of Purgion INC one of the fastest-growing music marketing and social media viral solutions companies in the game. He is considered to be an underground plug that makes things viral with a push of a button. Gaining people app downloads, brand awareness, product sales, and getting artists to the top of the charts. Vice has worked with all major labels, large applications companies, influencer content houses, and many retail brands. 

At 22 years old, Vice grew this skillset to a seven-figure business in less than one year. 

Starting Out

While in high school, Vice made his money by selling cloud servers and hosting game servers. During his college sophomore year studying computer science, he came across an opportunity as he was scrolling through online forums. He met someone who paid him to do some research for a company. 

But instead of being paid in cash, Vice was paid in an Instagram account with 40K followers with a lot of questions and confusion. He did not know what to do with it as he needed the money since he was a broke college student. 

Transitioning Into Marketing

The interaction leads to Vice’s introduction to the underground marketplace. This is where he honed his skills and learned untraditional methods of marketing such as promotion through pages.

Vice started becoming the most significant growth plug for organic followers in the game. He was growing for most social media agencies and sub-labels for music. From there, this visionary man learned how to promote apps, gain sales for products,, make massive viral campaigns for artists on TikTok, and other things. Vice did many music marketing with labels like World star, rap, bars, and today years old.

Climbing The Success Ladder

Vice sits on working on a side company of his which now obtains the largest content house in Los Angeles called Project Rumor. Hosting events such as the BET Awards after-party which headlined Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, PNBRock, Drakeotheruler, and many other music giants, A party that even had other large artists canceling their parties to attend his.

Today, Vice’s company is the strongest team for music marketing that many labels and social media agencies outsource to on the underground side. They have the most robust networks for social media pages. Including Snapchat networks which allow them to do YouTube promotions. 

Through app downloads, brand awareness, and the bottom protections, Purgion INC has heavily invested in the music industry. They do multiple marketing rollouts for artists, whether they are brand artists or independent new artists. 


Are you looking forward to marketing your music and going viral? Connect to Vice through this Instagram page. He is truly a passionate guy and an underground plug who can take non-traditional assets and make anything go viral at will. 

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