Sober Coaching: Helping Someone Recovering From Addiction During Pandemic

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevail, more and more people are suffering from addiction. Recovering from addiction is laborious on its own. Adding up the strains and loneliness that the pandemic is giving makes it worse. How can an aspirant be successful in this battle? 

Having the natural ability to help someone recover from addiction while struggling with COVID-19 is a gift. That is why services like, sober coaching, companionship, and escorting are designed to help.

In this article, we will guide the recovering individuals to find sobriety amidst the pandemic. We will provide you better alternatives to continue your recovery during this challenging time. We will also help you find the right professionals who can help you with your recovery.

The Statistics

The United States of America is now under two epidemics: one is caused by the virus and the other is caused by addiction. Since lockdowns are still implemented all over the world, people have a hard time recovering from addiction. 

The report from National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics states that since the implementation of lockdowns in the country, 60% of people have increased their alcohol consumption. Boredom (30.1%) and alcohol availability (34.4%) are the most reported reasons for why people increased their consumption.

A striking 42% jump of overdoses in May alone recorded nationwide, says the recently released report from the Overdose Detection Mapping Program.

How to Recover from Addiction During Pandemic

After you have completed your treatment program from the rehabilitation facility, you are now left with one daunting task — keeping yourself sober and completely recovered from addiction. But how can you do that when stressors and triggers are everywhere? Listed below are the best ways to recover from addiction:

  1. Control yourself and avoid your common triggers.

Healing starts with yourself, and the first person to help you is no one but you. Always know that you are strong enough to submit yourself to the rehab facility. And during your stay there, the treatment made you realize and aware of the factors that could ignite your cravings for the substances that you have once got addicted to.

During this challenging time of the pandemic, you have to fight for these triggers and control yourself. However, there are factors that are hard to fight, which include emotional stress and depression caused by loneliness and containment. This will lead us to our next point. 

  1. Surround yourself with a positive support network

Now that lockdowns are implemented everywhere, it’s harder for you to get along with the people that can uplift your spirit during these lonely days. But as long as technology keeps on running the world, you can always find a way to connect with your support system.

Facebook, Zoom, Skype, and Instagram. These are just a few of the effective ways to connect with your family and friends, even right in the comfort of your separate homes. You can also join support groups online and mingle with people that closely relate to your situation. Exchange ideas on how you can recover from addiction during the pandemic.

  1. Ask for help! It makes a difference

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s always someone who is very willing to help you recover from addiction. There are institutions out there that offer sober services for people who are currently recovering from illicit substances.

Sober coaches for one can provide the support and guidance you need to successfully pass through the recovery path. They are the best people you can tap into without worrying about judging your case. They are designed to provide you with critical life skills to become successful in achieving your sobriety goals. 

Sober coaching can also be conducted online via video call or through phone calls. They are very committed to providing help so you can always lean on them round the clock when you need them.

Staying Healthy This Pandemic

Battling with triggers of addiction becomes much more difficult because of the invisible enemy we are combating right time — Covid-19. But don’t let these challenges break your faith to complete your recovery.

Always remember that your family and friends are still there to support you along the way. And together with institutions that offer sober services, you can ensure that you get through this all… successfully. Say hooray for a better, cleaner, healthier, and sober you.

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