Mindful Health Solutions of Newport Beach Offers New Depression Treatments

With a growing need for high-quality psychiatric solutions for mental health conditions, Mindful Health Solutions in Newport Beach offers some of the latest treatments. There are many people who don’t respond to their psychiatric medications. In fact, about 40% of patients don’t find relief from them. So many people who don’t respond to medications think they have to live their lives without relief for their mental health conditions. However, Mindful Health Solutions stays on top of the cutting edge of treatments to bring patients new and exciting ways to treat their conditions.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Depression is a common mental health condition. However, it’s one that has a lot of effective treatments. If a patient hasn’t responded to medication, we have Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that is effective in many of these cases. This treatment is FDA-cleared and is completely non-invasive. And, there is no downtime needed after the treatments. TMS is administered by placing a powerful electromagnet over the brain in the area that controls mood regulation.

The device is then used to emit magnetic pulses to that portion of the brain. It works on the nerve cells to stimulate them for the improvement of depression symptoms. There is no sedation needed for these treatments, and they are usually very well tolerated. It’s a great way for some patients to find relief from their depression. This form of therapy is used in daily sessions that last 30 to 60 minutes and last anywhere from four to eight weeks. The length of the therapy depends on how well each patient responds to the treatment.

Esketamine Treatments

Another type of treatment for treatment-resistant depression is the use of esketamine. This is a prescription nasal spray that is used at Mindful Health Solutions to treat depression in a different way. This prescription must be administered by a clinic that has been certified to use this treatment. The medical staff has been trained to use esketamine and can both prescribe it and administer it. This is another cutting-edge treatment that can help many patients who have symptoms of depression that haven’t responded well to medication.

Esketamine is a treatment that is often used alongside other treatments, such as antidepressants. It is sometimes used along with TMS to give patients a treatment plan that they may respond to better than with one solution alone. Many patients find that they are able to get back to their normal routine after using our effective, modern treatments for their depression.

Effective Treatments for Serious Depression

Different treatments work for different patients, and sometimes a personalized treatment plan that uses many different treatment types is what is needed by those with depression. There have been numerous clinic studies done on TMS and its effectiveness for patients. About half of the patients who use this treatment experience their depression symptoms being reduced by half. After patients have undergone six weeks of TMS treatments, about 33% of them had no more depression symptoms at all.

This can be compared to the studies done on medications. In one large study, patients who had major depressive disorder were treated with medication alone. Less than 15% of them were able to get rid of all of their symptoms. Many people take medications and use TMS at the same time. This has been found to be helpful for many patients to reduce symptoms, and some of them were able to reduce their prescription medication because of the way TMS worked for them. Lower doses of medication tend to mean fewer side effects for those who stay on these medications.

Finding the Right Combination of Treatments

Mindful Health Solutions of Newport Beach is dedicated to helping difficult cases of depression, and this may take time to find what works best for each patient. Patients often need a few different types of treatment to find what will relieve the most symptoms. When looking for a psychiatrist near me, many patients see a doctor for prescriptions and then don’t follow up if the medications aren’t helpful. At Mindful Health Solutions, the goal is to monitor patients and to find out what works for them and what doesn’t. Many highly resistant cases have shown improvement when our high-tech methods are used.

Mindful Health Solutions

We work with patients to find them a comprehensive treatment plan, and we have compassion in everything that we do. Patients have often struggled to find an effective solution before they come to Mindful Health Solutions. This can make them wonder whether anything can really work for them. We offer the latest treatments so that there are many treatment options available for patients who have found little relief before.

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