How to Achieve Financial Independence Through Real Estate with Thomas Cruz

Do you want to achieve financial independence through real estate? Thomas Cruz is the perfect coach for the job. The real estate sector is exponentially growing, with more entrepreneurs jumping into it daily. Therefore, it is a lucrative investment you should consider.

The 32-year-old owner of CashFlow Pros is a real estate investor and coach who teaches people how to start and scale their property portfolio. Through his mentorship, you can also create your successful empire.

Start A Property Portfolio

After Thomas completed his studies at the University of North Carolina, he bought his first condo with little money. One year later, he rented it out and purchased another property with funds he had generated from his marketing side hustle and wholesaling properties.

When you decide to venture into real estate, you need to work on your portfolio. Your target market needs to know you exist and what you do. As a realtor, you also need to understand how the market works. That basis makes the foundation for your portfolio.

Thomas is known for dealing with affordable, single-family homes. He buys them and then rents them out to subsidized government programs. To date, he has amassed a following of 600k people on TikTok and 18k followers on Instagram. It is all about putting yourself out there as a competent realtor.

Reinvest Smartly and Buy More Homes

Currently, Cruz owns hundreds of single-family properties in North Carolina. Ever since he rented out his first condo, the CashFlow Pros owner kept reinvesting and buying more. Also, he partnered with higher net worth individuals who elevated his game to the next level.

Eventually, he did cash-out refinance and bought out all his partners to be the company’s sole owner. Thomas knows a great opportunity when he sees one. Besides, he always strives to reinvest his earnings smartly.

For instance, at 30 years old, he purchased 92 single-family homes for only $6m. Barely 18 months later, he sold them for an impressive $10m. To achieve the financial stability you dearly need through real estate, you need to discern excellent opportunities and run with them.

Keep Going

Though he is 32, Thomas Cruz has completed over 100 real estate transactions. That aside, he is not planning to slow down any soon. To share what he has learned through his years of experience, Thomas Cruz has master classes for anyone who wants to lead a successful real estate career.

As he empowers other realtors, he also creates an immense empire by getting more condos under his company every day. With over 100 leads in a month, Thomas has a closing rate of 10% within a sale cycle of 2 days.

His high-ticket program goes for $500 per hour for coaching or consulting. Also, you can get a Discord pro membership for $47 per month.


When it comes to making it big in real estate, you need to learn from successful realtors disrupting the sector. Thomas Cruz is the best coach to help you achieve financial stability as a realtor. His work frame is tried and tested.

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