Why You Should Get Into Holistic Nursing

Are you a nurse? Nurses are essentially what holds everything together. Patients rely on nurses for everything from physical care to emotional support. Nursing is a very difficult profession. Not only does it require a lot of long hours, but the process of becoming a Registered Nurse is long and time-consuming. It’s a profession that you need to enjoy and get personal satisfaction from to continue going. You need to be selfless and caring. 

While every nurse has these traits, a lot of them are getting disillusioned with their career path due to the inadequacies and inefficiencies of modern medicine. More and more, nurses are being asked to treat patients’ symptoms and get them out the door. Rather than provide individual and personalized care, they are being told to manage symptoms and keep things moving. Many nurses didn’t get into the profession because of the glamor or the money. They did so to help their patients. 

Because of the lack of authority and freedom in helping patients, it’s forcing them to adhere to principles and rules that aren’t necessarily in the best interests of the patient. This has caused a lot of nurses to lose the motivation that once drove them to become nurses from the start. If you are one of these nurses, you have options.

The Nurse Coach Collective is helping many nurses just like you re-take their place in the medical industry and provide better and more comprehensive care to their patients. As a nurse, you can kickstart a patient’s journey to recovery. The problem is, modern medicine encourages symptom management more than anything. This results in you helping your patients recover and having the cycle start all over again. When you become a nurse coach, you can break that cycle.

What Is A Nurse Coach and What Is Holistic Nursing?

A nurse coach is a skilled and structured client interaction that’s offered by Registered Nurses to promote, facilitate, and heal a patient utilizing alternative healing methods, traditional medicine, and coaching principles [1]. A nurse coach is a nursing specialization. They work alongside patients to figure out how to effectively promote total body wellness and healing. Rather than focus on managing symptoms, they try to get to the root cause of the symptoms.

Holistic nursing is a way to treat and care for a patient utilizing a whole-body approach. This includes everything from their physical to mental health.

Why Would You Become a Nurse Coach?

– Love What You Do

As a nurse, you fully deserve to love what you do for a living. The truth is, not many modern nurses do. After all, they went to school and spend odd hours working away from their families to truly help people. With the core focus being symptom management, a lot of nurses see they aren’t fully utilizing their knowledge, skills, or expertise to help patients. Rather, they are being limited in scope to what they can do and how they can help. Getting into holistic nursing is one of the best ways to get back in the driver’s seat and help your patients truly heal. This can help you regain that passion and motivation that you lost. 

– Gain More Skills

Another reason to consider becoming a nurse coach has to do with the skills that you can develop. You already have the knowledge and skills that came from becoming a Registered Nurse. Holistic nursing is a further specialization that you can add to your knowledge base. It’s a good way to acquire more skills and become more marketable in an increasingly competitive field. You have more and more nurses entering the workforce by the day. Adding more skills to your toolbox is only going to make you more competitive in the job market. 

– Start Your Holistic Nursing Practice

If you’ve always wanted to have your practice, you can do exactly that once you get board certified. You will be board certified as a nurse coach just 7 months after starting the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program by The Nurse Coach Collective. It will allow you to be in complete control over what patients you bring on, who you help, and how you help them. It gives you a lot more freedom to help people the way you know best. 

Becoming a nurse coach and practicing holistic nursing is one of the best steps you can take to further your nursing career. If you’ve become disillusioned with modern medicine and you want to do better for your patients, it’s a great way to do so. With nurse coaching, you can control how you help your patients. It can be a much more rewarding career path where you can still leverage everything you’ve learned from your years of training and working as a Registered Nurse. If you want to get started with us, you can sign up for The Nurse Coach Collective right now.

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