The Significance of Internal Settings and Alignment to a Purposeful Life

Elana van Deventer is an alignment coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Revive Method. From her childhood, teenage years, and into her adulthood, there was always something or someone telling her that she would never amount to what she hoped for. But it turns out the most consistent voice of defeat was in her head. It took her to a most horrible, dark place, even though she looked victorious and happy on the outside.

The landmines where everything exploded in her life made that false reality no longer an option. Those landmines turned into landmarks, monuments in her mind where she could remember how God was with her when she felt like she lost everything. They’re now the pillars of her mission. From fear to faith, confusion to clarity, self-doubt to confidence, she was able to turn her life around, and that is what she wants for others as well! She is a leader of fulfilling change and empowered to empower. Currently, she is on a mission to help women rise, thrive, and awaken to a purposeful life with confidence and clarity.

Internal Settings and Alignment

You know when you’re trying to connect, for instance, your phone to a Bluetooth device, and they’re just not “pairing”? Nothing is happening, and even though the two devices function properly on their own, they cannot work cohesively. They don’t communicate with each other, so that experience you wanted to have, such as music for your backyard party, just isn’t possible.

It’s frustrating. Exhausting even. Likely, there’s a switch that needs to be turned on in the phone’s internal settings. It’s simple once you know it, but Elana has spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out her own tech stuff like this with little success. Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy, or easy to figure out on your own. Often, it’s just the tip of a finger to turn a particular setting to ON mode then, it’s ready to sync. 

More than we would like to admit, your heart and mind are not syncing with each other. You have deep wounds that need healing with big dreams that are waiting inside. Without a fluid communication line between your mind and heart, it is not just going to happen. You need to open yourself up for honest analysis.

What’s switched off? Where are you hiding? What lies do you believe that keep you in your comfort zone or in OFF mode? Aligning your internal settings requires you to not only want something but to believe it’s possible with your thoughts and embody it with your actions. It takes a full synchronization of heart and mind and body to bring what we want most to life. When we can’t figure out how to do this on our own, it’s amazing what a little tech support (in the form of coaching) can do!

Life In Full Bloom

In her personal life, she has seen the immense transformation brought about by declaring (out loud) and believing. Specifically, these have changed her attitude towards her circumstances. Everything can be perceived as an opportunity for growth when you’re aligned in your heart and mind – and that starts with what you’re truly saying to yourself, not what you think you’re saying or even what you think you should be saying. What are you actually speaking into existence? Ultimately, these exhilarating experiences have become part and parcel of her regular routine. That said, Elana wanted to introduce the women in her life to what consistent declarations and truth confessions could look like for them, although it may appear kind of bizarre to try.

According to Elana, you have to let the beautiful truth flow into the several different elements of life: identity, purpose, influence, community, circumstances, and bodies. It’s like the different elements required to let a flower grow. It’s the roots, the sunlight, the shape, the warmth, water, and air that really makes a flower open to its full potential. To live a life in full bloom, you have to take action, even when, or especially when, everything around you looks dead. It is about actively, not passively, hoping and choosing to see a garden bloom where there currently is only a desert.

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