Reviewing Narwal’s Robot Mop and Vacuum in the Top 5

Unboxing the Narwal Robot Mop and Vaccum

When it first arrived it came in 1 box that breaks down into 2 boxes. This seems to be the main unit and this appears to be the home base. So we’ve got the robot and we’ve got the home base here. The good thing is it comes with the instructional material and a quick start guide. 

Everything looks really clean. I like the white aesthetic and I like that they’re going for the really simple minimalistic design. I also like that the robot is pretty hefty, it actually weighs quite a bit. You want a good weighted vacuum because that means you probably got a good robot vacuum.

The build quality looks great. I’m really impressed with it. The home base is where the robot is going to go home recharge itself, clean itself. Sometimes this portion can be a make or break for a company so it’s good to see the base station working. As I’m looking at this I’m loving the logo that it comes with, it’s not an eyesore and a lot of my appliances are also modern and minimalistic. 

As I’m unboxing it we’ve got the mops which are going to be attached to the robot and it also comes with some spare mops. You can detach these to wash them yourself as well if they get too dirty.

The vacuuming cover is going to spin up and sweep the dust and dirt into the unit. It also comes with filter sponges, magnetic strips, and more. The cool thing about this is you can specify specific areas in your house that you don’t want the robot to vacuum, which is pretty cool. So that’s like an out-of-bounds area if you don’t want the robot to vacuum a certain position or room in the house. You can just put this strip down and it won’t go past that area. So that is everything that’s inside the box.

How Precise is Narwal?

Now, this robot vacuum is very heavily app-based, and from what I’ve seen not only with me but others, they usually don’t have any issues with it. The end result from what I’ve seen is always amazing clean floors.

Narwal with their product is very thorough as well. They are very precise as it doesn’t miss any corners and you can definitely say that on the app.

I’ll walk you through a demonstration. Once you pair your robot to the network and get the app, you can wake up the device and input if you want to mop or vacuum with start and stop sequences. 

Once you get set up, then it’s all good. Now, you give a nickname to the robot. I just named it Narwal, but the app also allows you to map the ground floor of your house. You go to maps, read a map and then take the robot to the home base (return it home) and then start a map and it will map out the floor plan of the house so it can figure out the most efficient ways to clean your house.

Once the mapping is complete and that only took about two minutes for it to complete, what you end up with is something that looks like this and it designates the rooms. When it does the full mapping, it also does tweak that map a little bit more to become a little bit more accurate. From there, your Narwal should be ready to go and clean up so you don’t have to.

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