The Crankatsuris Method, a New Approach To Dealing With Crankiness Effectively

Have you been kvetching about your tsuris until even your bubbe doesn’t want to hear bupkis from you? Well, fear not. Steven Joseph thinks you’re a true mensch for having the chutzpah to let your crankatsuris out.

If none of that makes sense, then you’re doubly in luck. Joseph is not only your guide to effectively dealing with crankiness, but he’s also your colorful instructor into his hilarious and offbeat take on what it means to be Jewish.

Therapists often recommend letting our inner anger out to express our feelings and reduce stress. Steven Joseph is a true connoisseur of crankiness in all its myriad flavors. In fact, he’s built the definitive guide on how to deal with specific types of crankiness in The Crankatsuris Method: A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness.

Joseph mixes his own Jewish-inspired traditional wisdom with his unique style of humor that brings you into his world as he works through his different tsuris (Yiddish for problems). His narrative is crafted as a self-help book with humor replacing the usual dry psychoanalysis.

More importantly, Joseph helps us identify the problems that arise and cause our crankiness, offering practical advice on how to navigate situations in a manner that keeps us from misplacing that anger and hurting those around us.

Having graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1986, Joseph has since spoken and written on many topics, including negotiation techniques and managing professional liability actions. So, it comes as little surprise he’s a veteran when it comes to handling stressful situations.

Ironically, this isn’t his first foray on the subject, being the author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris. That first book, you may have safely surmised, was actually a children’s book. Having had such swimmingly good success at teaching children about crankiness, it only made good sense for Joseph to try his hand at helping adults too.

Regardless of the older audience, be prepared for the same light-hearted style that made his first book such a success. Joseph personally describes himself as “a person who is still smart enough to know that he hasn’t figured everything out – except for crankiness.”

Joseph also calls himself a fully-cured overweight person. Within The Crankatsuris Method, readers learn of his own self-destructive habits and how he learned to change habits and embrace a more healthy lifestyle. Of course, this is all done in Joseph’s characteristically non-judgmental, self-deprecative style. Coincidentally, Joseph is now a die-hard marathon runner, having run the Boston Marathon 5 times and the NYC Marathon 16 times.

So, if you’ve been trying to find constructive outlets for your own anger and how to let your own crankatsuris out, let Steven Joseph be your guide. As a bonus, you’ll even get a recipe for his mother’s potato latkas. How many self-help books come with a free recipe? And, if you pay good attention, you may one day be able to kvetch about your tsuiris without looking like a complete goy. Mazel tov!

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