How Coin Dispute Network helps crypto fraud victims

Success Stories: How Does Coin Dispute Network Help Scam Victims Recover Funds?

The Coin Dispute Network is a company that specializes in the recovery of funds for victims of fraud or Ponzi schemes which have had their virtual currency stolen. It is made up of a group of blockchain specialists who have a specialty in assisting victims of cryptocurrency scams in the process of recovering their lost assets.

Is Crypto Traceable?

Even though cryptocurrencies, with a few notable exceptions, are decentralized, practically every form of virtual currency can be tracked.

Wallets are digital accounts that are used for the storage of cryptographic currency and incorporate fraud detection mechanisms. When cryptocurrency is transferred from one wallet to another, a record of the transaction is added to the blockchain.

Coin Dispute Network helps with asset recovery through four simple steps.

Assess the Situation And Look for the Money

The company has specialists who will be put in charge of examining the blockchain and tracking your most recent transactions in order to find any funds that have been misplaced or stolen before it’s too late.

Maintain accurate records of the fraud

Your ability to get your money back from the person who scammed you out of cryptocurrency could be significantly hampered if you lose track of crucial information about the scam. As a result of this, it is absolutely necessary to document the circumstance in an accurate and appropriate manner. 

Coin Dispute Network makes sure that you are keeping a record of all of these sources of information in order to facilitate the process of fund recovery. This includes keeping track of any text messages, emails, and other forms of correspondence.

The following pieces of information are gathered by the company in order to guarantee accurate documentation of the cryptocurrency scam:

  • Every single ID code for the transaction that was involved;
  • Any information concerning the con, such as the con artists who were involved, how it began, the amount of money that was lost, the exchanges that were involved, and the time frame during which the con was active;
  • Any additional pertinent information that may be required for the investigation.

After all the necessary documents are collected, the company then helps its clients file a dispute claim.

Utilize the cryptocurrency network provided by Coin Dispute Network

You have the ability to challenge and recover the coin transactions that you have proven to be fraudulent by utilizing the company’s network of stakeholders and crypto contacts deeply embedded inside the community.

Keep an eye on your finances and try to get back any money you may have lost.

In order to undertake stop-recovery attempts at numerous exit points that the con artists may use to take out your money and go, they track your disputed assets around the clock using monitoring and alarms provided by our system.

If you have been a victim of crypto scams, find out how Coin Dispute Network can help:

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