Retirement Mirage Focuses On Financial Aspects Relevant Today

We are a generation living on the edge, and Retirement Mirage captures that in its reasoning. One thing that resonated throughout the book was the 4th chapter, Financial Breathing Room. It encompassed feelings that have been experienced by me many times. We must earn a living, we can allow ourselves to do the things we want to enjoy, but our downfall is when we plan very little for the future.

In the uncertainty of times many people are living differently than they know they should live. Less people are planning ahead. Many like to live in the moment, but Nancy Hite begs the questions, how much emphasis should we be putting on enjoying comforts now.  

The Retirement Mirage delves into not only retirement planning, but financial planning in general. Why should we save? Has it ever happened to you that you are doing quite well for a few months, and then indeed a simple crisis like a broken car or a health issue has wholly emptied your bank account? Many people can relate to this crisis, but there is a better way.

Why Do We Go There?

People are living paycheck to paycheck in a society where there is very little breathing room for failure. If you don’t prepare for the future, keep nothing in the bank yet spend $100 on a single weekend dinner, at the end of the month, your finances will continue to suffer until changes are made.

When talking about retirement mirage, author Nancy Hite is not just talking about a very abstract 20-30 years in the future.

Just like Jeff in The Retirement Mirage, I personally have been through situations where when the math just did not add up at the end of the month. All because in the first few weeks, I have spent frivolously on junk food and a bunch of streaming service subscriptions. And little by little, the realization come that I have to start cutting costs where possible.

I have to start doing that because we are not talking about it did 20 or 30 years in the future when we are going to need the money. It could be next week or next month.

If a single financial crisis is going to break the camel’s back, we’re never going to have the kind of stability we are looking for even in retirement. It’s a part of financial discipline and has to be practiced today. The Retirement Mirage helps you plan for 2 weeks in the future and 20 years in the future. Order your copy now.

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