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Job Searching Tips During A Pandemic

There’s no question that the pandemic has thrown more than a few peoples’ employment situations for a loop. 

Some lost their jobs because Coronavirus lockdowns wrecked the livelihood of their industry, while others may have seen their gigs vanish in situations more akin to a wrongful termination, says according to the employment lawyers over at the Law Offices of Omid Nosrati

Regardless of the exact cause, though, the fact remains that there are plenty who are out of work and searching for new jobs. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some tips that should help job-seekers navigate an unfamiliar employment landscape in the midst of the pandemic.

Tighten Up Your Application

This is a time of intense competition for available jobs. Because of that, every error you make on an application could spell the difference between rejection and success. You’ll need to pay more attention than ever to every facet of the applications you send off to make sure they are completely filled and error-free.

What’s more, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing more in your resume and cover letter to stand out from the pack. It’s not just enough to show your experience and qualifications, you’ll have to convey enthusiasm and show how you’re going to be an asset like no other for your prospective employer.

Research Companies Closely

You should already be in the habit of researching potential employers before an interview to ensure you do a good job. In this age where every application you send off matters more than ever, though, you’ll want to start your research before you even send off that application.

You want to make sure that you’re a good fit for the company and that your ideals are aligned, because you don’t have time to send off applications to prospects that have a low likelihood of calling you in for an interview. You’ve got to maximize every minute of your job search, and this is how.

Update Your Profiles

Sometimes, the best job opportunities might come looking for you, but  only if you have something to hook recruiters in. You’ll want to make sure you’re updating your professional profiles — like LinkedIn — to be current and enticing for any potential employers who want to expand their teams.

Keep Networking

Just because in-person meetings have been limited doesn’t mean there aren’t networking opportunities out there. You’ll just need to move your networking to the virtual world. The aforementioned LinkedIn is a great place to start making new connections, and you might also want to look into the bevy of virtual career fairs and professional meetups that are out there.

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