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Best Ways To Save On Fuel

You might think that you need to switch to riding a motorcycle or buy only the cheapest gas available to cut your fuel costs, but these aren’t the only methods you can use to save a significant amount of cash. Here are some additional strategies you’ll want to consider employing to squeeze out every ounce of mileage possible.

Proper Maintenance

Believe it or not, the condition of your vehicle can have a direct effect on how efficiently it uses fuel. More specifically, your tire pressure, engine, filters, and even the type of motor oil you use can make a difference.

You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your tires inflated to reduce friction on the road and offer better gas mileage. You’ll also want to be sure to tune your engine regularly, change your oil filters, and ensure you’re using the right motor oil for your vehicle to improve efficiency.

As a bonus, proper maintenance will also have the added benefit of keeping your car running smoothly, and reducing the risk of potentially avoidable failures on the road, according to this respected auto defect accidents attorney in Colorado.

Driving Habits

It’s not just your car’s condition that will make a difference on the road. The way you drive and personal habits can also influence the amount you’ll have to spend on gas. An obvious behavioral change you can make to save money is to drive less, but there are other alterations you can make to your routine to help hold on to your dollars.

You might, for instance, consider driving just a little slower and steadier. Doing so helps reduce the amount of drag your vehicle experiences on the road, subsequently decreasing your fuel consumption. Furthermore, when you keep your speed steady (by not rapidly accelerating), you use fuel more efficiently, and can keep your tank fuller longer.

Have A Plan

We mentioned earlier that purchasing cheaper fuel is a surefire way to reduce your costs, but you’ve got to have a plan for tracking down the best deals. Aside from keeping your eyes peeled as you cruise the roads, you can turn to technology to help you in your search.

Smartphone apps like GasBuddy and SmartFuel help you locate the best gas deals easily. What’s more, you can use technology to help you plan your routes to save on fuel. Remember, it’s not always the shortest route that will save you the most — it’s the one with the fewest stop signs and traffic lights.

Remember to employ as many of these strategies as you can, and you’ll find your fuel savings start to dramatically increase!

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