Is organic pest control safe for my family?

Differences between Organic and Conventional Pest Control

Over the years, the demand for organic pest control has increased by leaps and bounds. Today’s homeowners want to know that when a pest control company comes into their home and sprays, they can rest assured that their family and pets are safe against the harsh chemicals that are commonly used in conventional insecticides.

We spoke to the all-green pest control experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control about what is the main difference between conventional and organic pest control, and were told that conventional pest control uses synthetic chemicals which tend to be more effective, but can have side effects for those that have respiratory issues. Organic pet control uses all-natural ingredients such as neem oil, citrus oil, mineral oil, garlic, onion, eucalyptus, and other safe plant-based ingredients. 

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

There are multiple benefits in using organic pest control. Few notable benefits of the natural, organic pest control strategies are:

  1. Minimal odor: You don’t need to worry about chemicals that are loaded with strong scents. Since the compounds in these pest control solutions are purely organic, they tend to be low in odor. This means, the environment will remain intact and breathable even after several hours.
  2. No Stain: A prime reason to invest on organic pest control would be no staining. This is important, because stains on soil can remain intact for a very long time. This turns out to be bad for future cultivation. 
  3. Safer: When compared to conventional pest control methods, the organic methods are safer for both pets and children. The natural chemicals don’t cause any asthma, allergies or respiratory issues. To be more precise, the natural pest control solutions are environmental friendly.

Need for Professional Pest Control

If there is a treatment that cannot be performed using DIY methods, that would be organic pest control! This is because the right kind of spray treatment and chemicals should be used to control pests. Whether it is at home or in the yard, it is important to hire professional service providers. When the pest control treatment is done by true professionals, it will be executed safely. 

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