4 Ways F.H. Cann and Associates Maintained Accountability Of Remote Agents During Lockdowns

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During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, most companies have switched to some sort of remote workforce. Whether their entire organization is remote, or just part of their team is. And with this shift, has come new challenges. 

For example, how do you maintain accountability of a remote workforce, when there’s no supervisor in place to oversee their work in real time? F.H. Cann and Associates, a leading provider of complex call center solutions and account receivables management, has shown what it takes to succeed in this landscape. 

Here are four ways F.H. Cann and Associates has maintained accountability of remote agents during the pandemic lockdowns.

Constant and effective communication, company wide

F.H. Cann and Associates has been able to maintain accountability of their remote call agents by creating an environment of constant and effective communication throughout the company. While the agents are working remotely, they have the tools necessary to communicate with others throughout the company, with no lag time. 

Having this network in place is crucial for maintaining accountability, because remote call agents know they have support, and also, they know that their standard quality of work is expected of them.

Advanced technological infrastructure

A key component of maintaining accountability of remote call agents is having advanced technological infrastructure in place. By doing so, F.H. Cann and Associates tes is able to ensure that their call center agents have the tools necessary to excel at their jobs from anywhere. 

With the right tools and place, the remote call center employees of F.H. Cann and Associates understand their regular work output is expected of them, and they have the tools necessary to get it done.

Frequent trainings and certifications

F.H. Cann and Associates ensures their remote call center employees are highly trained, and that they undergo frequent trainings and certifications, so they stay highly-skilled in their roles. This is also important in maintaining accountability, and ensures that just because the workforce is remote, they’re not falling behind on their skills and requirements. 

The remote call center employees at FH Cann & Associates are constantly updated on new protocols, requirements, and expectations.

Ambitious goals

Setting the bar high for employees means they’ll have to keep up an impressive work ethic to reach those metrics. For example, F.H. Cann and Associates is dedicated to reducing the average handling time or AHT, of calls. 

By setting this standard for their remote employees, F.H. Cann and Associates ensure accountability, because their team is aiming to meet these goals. Just because a team is remote, does not mean that improvements and goals should fall by the wayside. 

By expecting their remote employees to work to reduce AHT, F.H. Cann and Associates helps them perform at their best. F.H. Cann and Associates is currently hiring customer service agents, be sure to follow them on Twitter should you wish to join their team.

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