Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Shares His Favorite Financing Options For Fast Investing

Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Shares His Favorite Financing Options For Fast Investing

Money is not easily accessible, but it is easy to spend. So, it is understandable for people to seek financial stability, regardless of their occupation in life. 

No one wants to live on debt and high interest on loans. Is there a possibility for people to manage their money healthily, considering the uncertainties that come with life and work?

Real Estate investor Winston Deloney shares his favorite financing options for fast investing. With these options, there is a guarantee that—when you need your capital— you will have access to it (plus the returns!).

•          Term deposit

Banks usually issue a title called term deposit. The bank uses this financing option to raise money for their day-to-day activities, such as investments or loans to third parties.

In simpler terms, when you choose the term deposit option, you are simply lending your money to the bank. And the best part is, there is an interest in your capital investment.

The interest payment can either be pre or post-fixed. Usually, the longer the application period, the higher the value interest.

•          Saving

Winston Deloney says saving is one of the most common forms of investment because it is available at any financial institution. Despite being less complex compared to other options, it has lost its touch due to its profitability.

All you need to take advantage of this option is to seek a financial institution. Ensure you have the required documentation as you set out to open a savings book.

As soon as the account is ready, the investor can deposit and withdraw the security when necessary.

•          Direct Treasury

If you feel the term deposit does not fit your needs, consider going for the direct treasury option. Direct Treasury is a program created to permit the Government to sell public securities online to individuals.

In the term deposit option, the investor lends his money to the bank, real estate institutions, or others. But in the case of the Direct Treasury, the loan is made directly to the Government.

The Government uses the investment to carry out public works and, after a set period, the investor receives the capital back with its corrected value.

•          Bills of exchange

Bills of exchange are kinds of savings where the investor lends money to financial institutions that issue it. 

“Real estate is one of the common markets of the bills of exchange”, says Winston Deloney. In this financing option, the interest solely depends on the market of the associated security. Contrary to its unfixed interest, on a specific date, the capital is given.

•          Flip Real Estate Contracts

Making money with real estate might seem like a long-term deal, but it is not. There are ways you can invest as little as $5,000 in real estate ventures.

Most people assume that buying, refurbishing, and renting traditional homes is huge. By the way, if you are a landlord, read Winston Deloney’s insights on the mistakes all landlords should avoid.

Being a landlord is profitable. But it is just a fragment of the benefits that real estate investments offer.

The fastest way you can make money on real estate involves flipping actual contracts. How?

Use a system like Kent Clothier’s REWW to understand how the market works. Then, Identify the motivated sellers and cash buyers, bring them together, and effectively broker the deal. It might seem odd on the first go, but it works. 

I would advise you to read and digest Winston Deloney’s best financing options and real estate investing advice for fast returns if you desire to make big bucks.

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