Kristal Klear: A Visionary Leader in the Fight Against Abuse and Advocating for Mental Health

Kristal Klear is a visionary leader in the fight against abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking. She focuses on helping guide women out of a dark place into a brighter future, and she does this through various means, including spreading awareness, providing healing resources, and working to prevent abuse before it happens. Kristal’s work is making a real difference in many people’s lives, and she is a shining example of how one person can make a real difference in the world.

One of the critical ways Kristal works to raise awareness about abuse and exploitation is through her nationally launched Human Trafficking Sex Safety Guide. Additionally, Kristal uses social media as a powerful tool to spread awareness about these issues, reaching a large and diverse audience with her messages of hope and resilience.

But Kristal’s focus on awareness is just one aspect of her work. She also strongly emphasizes healing, providing various resources to help individuals affected by abuse, human trafficking, and mental health. For example, she offers a “Break the Silence” Mental Health Check-in, which provides a safe and confidential space educating people on reprogramming the mind after experiencing trauma and abuse while receiving support and guidance.

Kristal also provides financial assistance to abuse victims in need and group prevention through her LILY program in local schools for young women, workshops, and other resources. These resources help to empower people who have been affected by abuse, giving them the tools and support they need to overcome their trauma and build a brighter future for themselves.

In addition to her work with abuse survivors, Kristal also focuses on breaking the silence around mental health. The Rock Paper Scissors Foundation, in which Kristal is the Founder and CEO, leads the charge in breaking the stigma around mental health in communities of color. They organize a revolutionary event during National Men’s Health Week called “Break The Silence – Mental Health Check-In for MEN ONLY.” This event is about empowering men to heal by sharing their experiences in a safe and supportive space. It includes guest speakers such as Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Former NFL Player Jay Barnett, Grammy-Nominated Singer/Actor MAJOR., Emmy-Winning Actor/Comedian Ron G, and Comedian/Actor Mr. Ant (Anthony) Davis. Attendees can expect a dynamic and inspiring environment.

Kristal Klear is also a national speaker and has appeared on television and radio. She has a successful podcast where she speaks transparently about her experience with abuse and encourages others to be resilient on their healing journey. Her approach to life is one of vision, sophistication, and confidence, inspiring everyone she meets. She has also written several guides and books, including “A Quick Guide To Human Trafficking,” “Healing Beyond Sexual Misconduct,” “A Life Guide Of Victorious Overcoming Abuse,” and “Shattered Glass.”

In conclusion, Kristal Klear is a true leader in the fight against abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking. Through her focus on healing, prevention, and advocacy- Kristal is creating a brighter future for those affected by abuse. She is an inspiration to us all.

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