Fall and Winter Michigan Traditions for Families

Fall is a magical time for everyone. As winter approaches, the surroundings start to prepare for the cold. Leaves change color and trees shed. The arrival of fall brings along the anticipation of the holiday season, however, they are still a long way off. Until the holiday season arrives, Courier Newsroom’s publication, the Gander, has prepared a list of fun traditions that you can start with your family. 

Traditions are a great way to bring together families. Adults can remember their carefree days when they were introduced to various traditions by their parents, and they can carry on the fun by introducing these traditions to their kids.

These suggestions by Courier Newsrooms’ The Gander will have you and your family having fun from fall through to winter. 


A great way to introduce children to changing seasons is going raking. It is an interactive way for the family to learn more about nature while completing a quintessential fall chore. Courier Newsroom’s publication suggests transforming this chore into a game by assigning colors to each family member. 


Fall is also an active time for many festivals all over Michigan. Holland famously hosts the International Festival, complete with a global music stage. Or you can watch cars from all eras zip around the M1 Concourse Speed ring at the American Speed Festival in Pontiac. 


Any mention of fall without Halloween and pumpkins is incomplete. Get in the spirit of fall by going for some pumpkin picking with your family. Once you have the pumpkins, it’s time to head back home for a fun session of pumpkin carving and decoration. 

Once the pumpkins are ready, it’s time to get ready yourself. Bring your family together by opting for a theme for the family Halloween costumes. Remember to take pictures to save the memories. 

Thanksgiving and Parades

The good thing about this time of the year is that something or the other is going on throughout. Halloween is followed by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great time for families to get together and celebrate all that they are thankful for. In the lead-up to Thanksgiving, you can share what you’re thankful for once every week during meals. 

Thanksgiving also means the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The family can gather around the TV to watch the parade while the turkey cooks. Or, if you are up for some in-person action, head over to Detroit, which also has an impressive parade. 


Just because fall has ended, and Michigan is covered in snow does not mean the fun needs to stop. Winter brings along with it a whole host of other activities that your family can enjoy. One of the best ones is sledding. Families can make it more fun by splitting into teams and racing. For non-stop fun, Courier Newsroom’s publication suggests heading to Canonsburg Ski Area or Hawk Island, which have automatic lifts and tube rentals. 

Bright Lights and Movie Nights

Once the sun goes down, the lights come on. As the holidays approach, Michigan is lit with fun decorations and lights. You can make an evening out of it by heading to the Wayne County Light Fest for four miles of dazzling lights. Or you can just drive through the light displays in the city while you head to the movies. If it’s too cold to go out to the cinema, you can also stay in and turn the living room into your personal cinema. 

Other fun things to do 

More activities include building a snowman, visiting the grandparents, scheduling a coffee date, or reading to your kids before bed. These small activities can transform the coldest days of the year into the warmest and most wholesome ones. 

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