Dive Into a Two-Day Literary Adventure with The BookFest Fall 2023

The calendar might say autumn, but for book lovers, it’s the season of inspiration, imagination, and engaging conversations! The BookFest Fall 2023 is unrolling its vibrant virtual red carpet for you this October 21st and 22nd, promising a thrilling adventure into the world of books.

Meet Renowned Authors

Get ready to meet the wizards of words as nearly 50 authors grace the event. You’ll engage with best-selling authors like NJ Ayuk, Jack Grapes, Wade Hudson, Steven Joseph, Deborah M. Pratt, and Russell Nohelty among others. These literary mavens will participate in panels, one-on-one conversations, special segments, and live chats dedicated to readers and aspiring writers like you!

A Tapestry of Topics

From the allure of horror to the innovative use of AI in writing, the event spans a variety of fascinating topics. Engage with thought leaders like Steven Joseph and Russell Nohelty as they deliver keynotes that are bound to spark your imagination and deepen your love for literature.

Celebrating Diversity and Achievement

Join us in applauding the relentless efforts of Wade and Cheryl Hudson, the founders of Just Us Books. They’ve not just penned down stories but have woven the diverse narratives of Black heritage into the fabric of children’s literature, earning The BookFest Fall 2023 Honorary Achievement Award.

Engage and Explore

Take a virtual stroll through our “Virtual Booths”, showcasing sponsors and their unique offerings. Discover new reads on our “Books Page” and extend your support to the authors and sponsors making this global event free for all!

How to Join the Fun

Sign up for email alerts to become a BookFester and receive exciting news and a Virtual Gift Bag at the end of The BookFest. Engage with the literary community, participate in the Big Bundle of Books Giveaway, and who knows, you might end the weekend with a treasure trove of books!

Where to Catch the Action

Visit TheBookFest.com for the livestream link, available on the event day. You can also join through the Books That Make You Channel on YouTube and The BookFest Facebook Page. Spread the word with hashtags #TheBookFest and #TheBookFestFall2023.

About The BookFest

The BookFest is your go-to virtual literary event, bringing to your screens the magic of books and their creators since May 2020. Award-nominated and globally recognized, it’s where readers and writers meet, talk, and celebrate the sheer love of books, all for free!

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for a weekend dedicated to the joy of reading and writing. Dive deep into engaging discussions, explore diverse narratives, and get to know the people behind your favorite books. See you at The BookFest Fall 2023! For more information, head over to The BookFest Website.

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