The Nikki Leigh Podcast Releases Episode on “The Way of Miracles” featuring Dr. Mark Mincolla

Miami, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–August 7, 2023)The Nikki Leigh Podcast released an episode titled “The Way of Miracles: Mark Mincolla, Ph.D.” In this episode, Dr. Mark Mincolla discusses his work, the lessons from his book “The Way of Miracles,” and shares an exercise that emphasizes love, self-love, and connectivity. The focus of the discussion is on understanding consciousness and the inherent connectivity among humans.

About Guest: Mark Mincolla, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark Mincolla, Nutritional Therapist
Dr. Mark Mincolla, Nutritional Therapist

Dr. Mark Mincolla holds a PhD in health from Columbia Pacific University and has practiced as a holistic practitioner for over three decades. With more than 60,000 holistic health consultations under his belt, he has consistently dedicated himself to alternative medicine. Mincolla has authored seven books, including “The Way of Miracles.” Notably, he integrated ancient Chinese energy healing with contemporary nutritional science into an approach he named Electromagnetic Muscle Testing. Mincolla has addressed institutions like the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the American Dental Association Congress. He’s also known for his former health segments on NECN and Fox 25.

About Host: Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh is the host of “The Nikki Leigh Podcast.” She believes in the importance of self-love, encompassing facets like education, self-care, mental health, and being active. Through her podcast, she interviews a diverse range of guests, including authors, athletes, business leaders, spiritual pioneers, and more, aiming to provide listeners with tools and insights on how to live a positive, self-caring, and present life.

About The Program: The Nikki Leigh Podcast

“The Nikki Leigh Podcast” focuses on the concept of self-love and its various manifestations, including education, daily routines, mental health, and fitness. Host Nikki Leigh conducts interviews with guests from a range of backgrounds to discuss and offer insights on these topics. The podcast aims to provide listeners with a mix of education, guidance, and tools.

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