Incredible Work: Web Finance Team Helped Transform My Business

Like most of you reading this, I have my own small business. I took the opportunity presented by the recent world events and started a small dropshipping business.

This evolved into a small brick-and-mortar shop which I love. However, after my initial boom, I noticed my business really stagnated.

I maintained a loyal customer base and would have regulars come in every day, but I wasn’t seeing much growth. I also wasn’t making much profit if any at all month to month.

That’s when I sought out the services of Web Finance Team. These guys are pretty much the all-in-one business gurus. They helped every aspect of my business from marketing to credit building. I’ll tell you a little about their services in my review. 

Office of Web Finance Team located in Henderson, Nevada.

My Website Now Makes me Money 

I’ll be honest I didn’t even think about my website before working with Web Finance Team. This is how I initially found their services.

I noticed some other small businesses in my town had a beautiful website with so much content, so I looked around and found Web Finance Team. I tried out their content development package, and it was amazing and I almost immediately noticed more traffic coming to my website.

This led to more sales, which led to me signing up for more packages. I can say that working with Web Finance Team is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business.

Sales Funneling 

I’m a self-taught entrepreneur. I never went to any kind of business school or took any classes.

So I had absolutely no idea what sales funneling is. I saw this service on Web Finance Team’s site and decided to sign up for it and learn about it and, let me tell you, it is critical to growth and gaining new customers. 

I’m Now Official 

I was working as a sole proprietor from the beginning. I had no real reason, it was just the easy option.

I consulted with the Web Finance Team and they explained to me what an LLC is and why I should change my business type. They helped me set everything up as well which alleviated a great deal of the normal technical headaches (aka tax documents) that come with making this transition. 

The Credit Course 

I’ve always had pretty good credit but I already signed up for so many services that I figured I might as well add in their credit course. This turned out to be a great decision.

While my credit was good, and I had a good idea of how to keep it that way, it turns out I was barely avoiding a lot of little mistakes. Had I went another year or two without talking to a professional about my processes, I probably would’ve found myself in a pretty deep hole.

They also gave me a lot of advice and systems for building my credit higher. Since implementing a few of these techniques, my credit has risen a substantial amount. 

My Business is the Complete Package 

Before working with Web Finance Team, my business felt amateurish. I never really felt like I was truly a company. There was just something missing.

This is another reason I stuck with Web Finance Team, they are a true game-changer. They offer all-around business-building strategies. They don’t focus on just one aspect and leave the rest up to you.

This also has the advantage of them knowing my business, and how every aspect of my business is running since they helped build it. Now I really feel like a business owner and not just some rookie with a store.

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