Emulate the Success of Chris D. Bentley, the New King of Real Estate

Are you planning to become a real estate agent? If so, this article is for you. Here, you’ll learn about Chris D. Bentley, the new king of real estate, and how he built a sustainable business in real estate.

With almost two decades of experience in real estate, Chris D. Bentley founded Bentley Fine Properties, a traditional real estate brokerage model. What sets his business apart is the greater emphasis he puts on leveraging technology to enhance one-on-one communication to efficiently serve clients and close more deals, proving how easily he adapts to the demands of changing times. His company also specializes in helping people relocate to Dallas, Texas. 

Chris is also a published author and a six-time multi-million producer with over 100 videos on YouTube. He also secured the 13th spot of top Dallas Realtors on social media in 2018 and 2019. As such, if you are prospecting to move into Dallas or are interested in real estate, you know who to find: Chris D. Bentley.

Apart from entrepreneurship engagements, Chris has been spotted at many networking and charity events in the area. He is the leading creator and organizer, a local business networking Facebook group with over 3,700 subscribers. He believes in investing in people and the importance of networking for a business to thrive and succeed. 

Maximize Social Media

In Chris’s experience in real estate, half of his earnings came from clients who repeatedly availed of his services and referrals, while the other half came from social media exposure. Social media has become imperative in all industries in this time and age as almost the whole population consumes social media in hefty amounts daily. Today, Facebook, the most extensive social network worldwide, has 2.89 billion active users, which has a potential pool of clients for any individual in business. In real estate, you can do your advertisements through social media platforms, whether you want to show off a newly listed property in your local area or broadcast the services you offer as a brokerage agency. By maximizing social media, along with its conveniences and technological affordances, the sky’s the limit to your business tactics and gimmicks. 

Build Relationships

No man is an island. As cliche as it sounds, it is timely and relevant even in aspects of life, especially as we are inherently social beings. If you want to go fast and receive instant and fleeting gratification, you can go alone, but if you want to go far and reap benefits for the long term, go as a team. A successful real estate agent or investor will always be busy building meaningful relationships to create a sustainable business. By investing in people, both your colleagues and others, you are actually increasing the longevity of your venture, as well as enriching your people skills. However, it is worth noting that building relationships is not a walk in the park, yet it is possible, and it is a must. The best initial step to take is to listen to others. When you listen to your clients, you learn their needs and, consequently, respond and act accordingly.  

D Magazine has named Chris one of the magazine’s Best Realtors in Dallas four-times in the last five years. Wondering how he achieved this title? He listens to his clients, which allows him to offer excellent customer service in every detail of the real estate transaction, and as such, he has built healthy relationships with both clients and his working mates. If you want to reach the level of success Chris has achieved, try to emulate his actions by leveraging social media and creating lasting relationships. 

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